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Laboratory and Clinical Pathology


The World Citi Medical Center Laboratory Department performs comples analysis of microscopic, immunologic, biologic, bacteriologic, hematologic and chemical tests on blood and other body fluids in order to aid in the proper diagnosis and medication of the patient.


  • Microbiology / Bacteriology : culturing and identifying microorganisms and determining antibiotic sensitivities
  • Clinical Microscopy : physical examination of body fluids such as stool, urine, exudates and transudates
  • Blood Banking : determining the patient’s blood type, preparing different blood products for crossmatching and transfusion
  • Hematology : collecting and studying blood samples in determining morphology and investigating coagulation factors and disorders
  • Clinical Chemistry : analyzing serum to determine the chemical composition to aid in the diagnosis of patients
  • Histopathology : preparing tissue specimens for microscopic evaluation
  • Immunology and Serology : analyzing serological components of the blood such as hormones, tumor markers and viral diseases

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