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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Celebrates 22nd Anniversary with Women’s Wellness Tribute

The Women’s Wellness Tribute is an annual activity that brings the department’s seasoned, skilled, and experienced OB-GYNEs closer to the community by opening some of the hospital facilities and offering services for free.

More than a hundred women received free anemia and bone density screening, breast examination and consultation. They also availed of huge discounts on breast and transvaginal ultrasound and Pap smear at the 5th Floor Executive Lounge of World Citi Med in celebration of the department’s 22nd anniversary. The department’s celebration proves that in the evolving era of the OB-GYNE along with its specialized care and quality of medical services, the Department’s 22nd year celebration proves that women from all walks of life have access to World Citi Med’s modern equipment, expert doctors, as well as avail of important screenings that keep them in the pink of health.

Women-centric at its core because of the pioneering efforts of highly-regarded president and matriarch of World Citi Med, Arlyn Grace V. Guico’s mandate of elevating women’s health above all played a huge part in the strength and longevity of the OB-GYNE’s 22 years.

President Guico, in her opening remarks said, “The advantage we have as medical professionals is still human touch. What we can do in the face of advances in medical equipment is to make a difference in how we care and give care to our patients. Today is proof of the care that we give at sa araw na ito na para sa kababaihan, kayo ang aming bida.”

Dr. Reymond A. Mora, World Citi Med Assistant Medical Director for Clinical Services and Patient Care shares he “is grateful, privileged, and fortunate to witness the galvanized efforts of OB-GYNE Department Chairman Dr. Ma. Lorcelli Parado, Training Officer Dr. Joana Pauline Chua-Ursua, committee chairs, organizers, and partners who are all more than eager to get the day’s services going for the women who showed up…”

Dr. Mora further added how proud he is “of the gifted OB-GYN residents and consultants who selflessly give their time in honor of the great and loving women present here today.”

The event started at 8:00AM and extended into the afternoon because of the deluge of female patients. The OB-GYNE department was in complete synergy headed by OB-GYNE Chairman Ma. Lorcelli P. Parado, MD, FPOGS; Training Officer Joanna Pauline Chua-Ursua, FPOGS, FPSMFM, FICS; Senior Consultants Genalin Amparo, M, FPOGS, FSGOP; Ricardo R. Braganza, MD, FPOGS; Benda C. Cabanilla, MD; Ma. Imelda F. Calo, MD, FPOGS FPSUOG; Gay Bautista-Guiyab, MD, FPOGS, FPSMFM, FICS; Medical Director of World Citi Med Margarita S. Jara, MD, FPOGS, FPSUOG; Evangeline B. Lazaro, MD, FPOGS; Maria Sylvia P. Lagman, MD, FPOGS; Floribel T. Marcelo, MD, FPOGS; Olivia Ocampo, MD, FPOGS; Maria Elizabeth A. Palencia, MD, FPOGS, FPSUOG, Grover R. Salamanca, MD, FPOGS, German C. Tan-Cardoso, MD, FPOGS, FSGOP, Agnes S. Tucay, MD, FPOGS; Chief Resident Kathleen Mae C. Cuayzon-Balba, MD, Chief Resident; 4th Year Residents Roxannie Mangabat-Lopez, MD and Noreen Gay M. Liquete, MD; 3rd Year Resident Aimee B. Andaya, MD; 2nd Year Residents Melanie Katherine A. Lastimosa, MD; Irish Kathryn L. Olaguer, MD; Diandra Joy Ann O. Lam, MD; Rina Marie Claire R. Ramas, MD; 1st Year Residents Katrina T. Alimot, MD and Mayette S. Cruz, MD.

All of them were kept extremely busy but they remained smiling and in great spirits all throughout: clinical precision and compassion in action, matching the enthusiasm of the women in whose honor the tribute was brought to fruition.

Special thanks to Calciumade, GETZ Pharma, One Pharma, AJ Pharma, Metropolitan Pharma, Absolute, Wilkins, Aspen Holdings, Eastlane Corporation, Pharma Nutria, Bio Oil, Scheeling, and Bio Femme for supporting this annual female fete by providing freebies for the women to take home. (MMB/AMD)


22nd Anniversary