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World Citi Medical Center and St. Joseph the Worker Parish partner in a medical and dental mission in Cainta, Rizal

Through the initiative of the Social Services Ministry of St. Joseph the Worker Parish, World Citi Medical Center (WCMC) and Medical Director Dr. Margarita Santella-Jara gave free medical and dental services to more than 200 residents of Sitio Kababan and Sitio Sakadama in Brgy. San Juan, Cainta Rizal last September 9, 2017.

WCMC doctors and other medical staff gave their time to give free consultation to the residents of Sitio Kababan and Sitio Sakadama in Brgy. San Juan, Cainta Rizal.

Doctors assessed different cases from common colds, prenatal check-ups, untreated wounds and lumps. One of the beneficiaries, Alpha Villafuerte, 37, from Sitio Kababan had a chance to consult her lump on her left elbow. Her kids also had a check-up and free immunization shots.

Brothers Rafael and Raffy Pagasartoga 9 and 11 years old respectively both had free 5-in-1 vaccines (DPT-HIB-HEPA B).

While waiting for their check-up, some parents listened to the impromptu lecture of Dr. Santella-Jara on Nutritional Immunology. She shared that prevention is always better than cure and eating right starts with food choices.

Aside from free medical consultation, the residents also had free blood pressure monitoring and some had free tooth extraction. They also received dental kits from Colgate. Each beneficiary went home with prescribed medicine in their hand, thanks to Unilab for providing free medicine on the medical mission.

Parish Coordinator Jorge Lardizabal III, thanked everyone who made their first medical and dental mission successful. Families went home with a smile as they were given free access to healthcare thru St. Joseph the Worker Parish and World Citi Medical Center. (LABB)